Facts About Foods And Their Medicinal Uses


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Friday, March 13, 2020



It is hardly possible to take up any newspaper or magazine now a days without happening on advertisements of patent medicines whose chief recommendation is that they "contain phosphorus." They are generally very expensive, but the reader is assured that they are worth ten times the price asked on account of their wonderful properties as nerve and brain foods. 

The proprietors of these concoctions seemingly flourish like green bay trees and spend many thousands of pounds per annum in advertising. From which it may be deduced that
sufferers from nervous exhaustion and brain fag number millions. And surely
only a sufferer from brain fag would suffer himself to be led blindly into wasting
his money, and still further injuring his health, by buying and swallowing drugs
about whose properties and effects he knows absolutely nothing. How much
simpler, cheaper, and more enjoyable to eat apples!
The apple contains a larger percentage of phosphorus than any other fruit or
vegetable. For this reason it is an invaluable nerve and brain food. Sufferers from
nerve and brain exhaustion should eat at least two apples at the beginning of
each meal. At the same time they should avoid tea and coffee, and supply their
place with barley water or bran tea flavoured with lemon juice, or even apple tea.
Apples are also invaluable to sufferers from the stone or calculus. It has been
observed that in cider countries where the natural unsweetened cider is the
common beverage, cases of stone are practically unknown. Food-reformers do
not deduce from this that the drinking of cider is to be recommended, but that
even better results may be obtained from eating the fresh, ripe fruit.
Apples periodically appear upon the tables of carnivorous feeders in the form of
apple sauce. This accompanies bilious dishes like roast pork and roast goose.
The cook who set this fashion was evidently acquainted with the action of the
fruit upon the liver. All sufferers from sluggish livers should eat apples.
Apples will afford much relief to sufferers from gout. The malic acid contained
in them neutralises the chalky matter which causes the gouty patient's sufferings.
Apples, when eaten ripe and without the addition of sugar, diminish acidity in
the stomach. Certain vegetable salts are converted into alkaline carbonates, and
thus correct the acidity.
An old remedy for weak or inflamed eyes is an apple poultice. I am told that in
Lancashire they use rotten apples for this purpose, but personally I should prefer
them sound.
A good remedy for a sore or relaxed throat is to take a raw ripe apple and scrape
it to a fine pulp with a silver teaspoon. Eat this pulp by the spoonful, very
slowly, holding it against the back of the throat as long as possible before
A diet consisting chiefly of apples has been found an excellent cure for inebriety.
Health and strength may be fully maintained upon fine wholemeal unleavened
bread, pure dairy or nut butter, and apples.
Apple water or apple tea is an excellent drink for fever patients.
Apples possess tonic properties and provoke appetite for food. Hence the oldfashioned
custom of eating an apple before dinner.

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