Facts About Foods And Their Medicinal Uses


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Saturday, March 14, 2020


lavender It is very much to be regretted that the nerve-soothing vegetable perfumes of our grandmothers have been superseded, for the most part, by the cheap mineral products of the laboratory.

 Scents really prepared from the flowers that give
them their names are expensive to make, and consequently high-priced.

The cheap scents are all mineral concoctions, and their use is more or less injurious.
A penny-worth of dried lavender flowers in a muslin bag is even cheaper to buy,
inoffensive to smell—which is more than can be said of cheap manufactured
scents—and possesses medicinal properties.
Lavender flowers were formerly used for their curative virtues in all disorders of
the head and nerves.
An oil, prepared by infusing the crushed lavender flowers in olive oil, is
recommended for anointing palsied limbs, and at one time a spirit was prepared
from lavender flowers which was known as "palsy drops."
A tea made with hot water and lavender tops will relieve the headache that
comes from fatigue.
Dr. Fernie advises 1 dessertspoonful per day of pure lavender water for eczema.
The scent of lavender will keep away flies, fleas, and moths.

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