Facts About Foods And Their Medicinal Uses


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Saturday, March 14, 2020


Nuts are the true substitute for flesh meat. They contain everything in the way of

nourishment that meat contains, minus the poisonous constituents of the latter.

They are very rich in proteid (flesh and muscle former) and fat. In addition they
possess all the constituents that go to make up a perfect food. Nuts and water
form a complete dietary, although I do not suggest that any reader should try it.
If he did so he would probably eat too many nuts, not realising how great an
amount of nourishment is contained in a concentrated form. No one should eat
more than a quarter of a pound of nuts per day, in addition to other food. A
pound per day would be more than sufficient if no other food were taken. I have
little doubt but that the diet of the future will consist solely of nuts and fresh
fruit. After all it is the food most favoured by monkeys, and our teeth and
digestive apparatus more nearly resemble those of the monkey than the
carnivorous and herbivorous animals so many of us seemingly prefer to imitate.
The chief objection to nuts is supposed to be on account of their indigestibility.
But this has its foundation, not in the nut, but in the manner of eating it. I
recommend all those people who find nuts indigestible to pay a visit to the Zoo
and see how the monkey eats his nuts. He chews and chews and chews. And
after that he chews!
I know, alas! that the majority of people do not possess teeth like the monkey,
and to these I can only suggest that they macerate their nuts in a nut butter
machine. There are several of these machines on the market, and they are
stocked by all large "Food-Reform" provision dealers. They cost anything from
six or seven shillings. The daily allowance of nuts may be thoroughly macerated
and eaten with fruit in the place of cream. Ordinary people may use a nut-mill,
which flakes, not macerates, the nuts. But people with bad teeth and a weak
digestion will do better to invest in a nut butter machine. I may add that the nuts
will not macerate properly unless they are crisp, and to this end they must be put
in a warm oven for a short time, just before grinding. I have found new, Englishgrown
walnuts crisp enough without this preparation. But if the nuts are not crisp
enough they will simply clog the machine.
Now to our nuts! Almonds are the most nourishing. Next in order come walnuts,
hazel or cob nuts, and Brazil nuts. The proteid value of these three does not
differ much. After these come the chestnut and cocoanut, and lastly we have the
pine kernel. Speaking very roughly, we may liken walnuts, hazel nuts, and Brazil
nuts to beef for flesh and muscle-forming value, while pine kernels correspond
more nearly to fish. Almonds are nearly double the value of beef.

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