Facts About Foods And Their Medicinal Uses


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Friday, March 13, 2020


The elderberry has fallen into neglect of late years, owing to the lazy and
disastrous modern habit of substituting the mineral drugs of the chemist for the
home-made vegetable remedies of our grandmothers.

 Nevertheless, the elderberry is one of the most ancient and tried of medicines, held in such great
esteem in Germany that, according to the German folk-lore, men should take off
their hats in the presence of an elder-tree. In Denmark there is a legend to the
effect that the trees are under the protection of a being known as the Elder-
Mother, who has been immortalised in one of the fairy tales of Hans Andersen.
The berries of the elder-tree are not palatable enough to be used as a common
article of food, but in the days when nearly every garden boasted its elder-tree
few housewives omitted to make elderberry wine in due season.
It is not permitted to "food-reformers" to make "wine," but those readers who are
fortunate enough to possess an elder-tree might well preserve the juice of the
berries against winter coughs and colds.

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